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Ex-SFPOA President Slams Officers Who 'Snitched' About Colleague's Racial Comments

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- A former president for the San Francisco Police Officer's Association is calling out fellow officers on his Facebook page for snitching on an officer that made racial remarks at the Bayview Station.

The officer that was called out is now facing suspension for the sexual and racial comments in what now is a he-said, he-said within the department that is already under a lot of scrutiny.

Gary Delagnes, President of the San Francisco POA for a decade, and a consultant with them for three years now, took his frustrations to Facebook.

"Officers are now being encouraged to be trained snitches on one another," he wrote.

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Delagnes was talking about two Bayview officers who stepped up and reported a sergeant who allegedly used racist and sexist language talking about black people he patrols in the Bayview.

Delagnes writes that "Two other officers who heard the statement immediately raced to their superiors and snitched him off as our officers are now taught to do."

The post continued, "This officer did nothing wrong other than making an ill-advised statement and now they want to hang him and then brag about it to the media. Disgusting!"

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"The former POA saying they should not have snitched off is appalling," Judge Ladoris Cordell, KPIX 5 Legal Analyst, and former judge said.

Cordell says the POA should reject Delagnes' statement because police code of conduct essentially says officers have a duty to report bad behavior.

"One of the rules is if you see wrongdoing among your other officers it is your duty to report, which is what these officers did when they heard a sergeant making a very racist statement," Cordell said.

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