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SF Coit Tower Measure Pits Preservationists Against Park Advocates

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— A June ballot measure to preserve San Francisco's historic Coit Tower and its 27 Work's Progress Administration (WPA) murals is pitting preservationists against park advocates.

Adam Gottstein is the grandson of one of the artists who painted murals on the walls of Coit Tower over 70 years ago. He feels the murals are not being maintained properly.

"They're in horrible condition. There are all types of damage," Gottstein said.

KCBS' Barbara Taylor Reports:

Gottstein supports Proposition B, a non-binding policy measure that says the city should use most of the revenue generated at Coit Tower for Coit Tower.

Campaign Chair Jon Golinger said the measure would also prevent Coit Tower from becoming a "party venue".

"The measure says any private party or commercial activity must remain limited so that it primarily remains a private property accessible to the people," Golinger said.

The City's Rec and Park Department, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), the Chamber of Commerce and SF Parks Alliance all oppose Prop. B.

Matthew O'Grady of the SF Parks Alliance  says revenue from Coit Tower is needed to support other parks and programs that don't earn money.

"It would really undermine the city's already challenged ability to care for and pay for the ongoing operations and maintenance of the rest of the park system,"

Opponents have said Prop. B is unnecessary because San Francisco has already committed $250,000 to repair damage to the Coit Tower murals.

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