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Giants Reliever Sergio Romo Tells Nationals Slugger Bryce Harper To 'Just Shut Up'

Tom Bogert, CBS Local Sports

San Francisco Giants' relief pitcher Sergio Romo had some choice, and potentially hypocritical, words for Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper, stemming from the latter's ESPN the Magazine feature.

In that story, the reigning National League MVP talks about how he wants to help modernize and change the game of baseball. He talks about the way every sport has their fashion icons, like Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer or Cam Newton in football, but baseball doesn't have one.

Harper also embraces the emotion he plays with, and says that should become more commonplace in baseball. As this is in the day of age that people STILL find a way to talk about Jose Bautista's infamous bat flip last postseason, his ideals were bound to be shot at from somewhere.

One round of missiles locked on Harper were fired from Romo, which is more than surprising based on his own fiery antics on the mound.

"Don't put your foot in your mouth when you're the face of the game and you just won the MVP," said Romo to the Bay Area News Group, via NBC Sports. "I'm sorry, but just shut up."

Romo was quick to acknowledge, albeit insufficiently, his own pyrotechnic nature.

"As emotional and as fiery as I am, I do my best not to look to the other dugout," said Romo. "I look to the ground, I look to my dugout, to the sky, to the stands. I don't agree that being able to put your hands up when you hit a 500-foot home run or punching somebody out and then staring them down, I'm sorry, it doesn't add flair to the game. That's showing up the other guy."

The reliever will have a tough way gaining any ground and credibility in this aggression towards Harper. Romo is a good player in his own right, but he's not the NL MVP that Harper is. He's not the player who could be due for an unprecedented $400 million payday when he enters free agency, and that number is conservative. It's conceivable that he could pen a deal that pays him half a billion dollars. None of this includes off field endorsements, mind.

Speaking of money, Romo has some career advice for Harper.

"I'm pretty sure if someone has enough money, he can find another job if this is really tired," Romo said.

Romo's notion of 'tired' emenates from Harper saying that more displays of excitement and competition could help 'tired' baseball.

The MLB schedule proves unkind for this potential story. The Nationals don't play the Giants until July 28, unfortunately. Maybe this will fester between them both and make Harper's first chance of the season to hit against Romo one to watch.

As a fan of repetitive disappointment and frustration, Tom holds Liverpool FC, the New York Knicks and New York Red Bulls near and dear to his heart with occasional joy coming from the New York Giants and New York Yankees.

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