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Frantic Search For Oregon Woman Who Vanished Driving Along Bay Area Coast

HALF MOON BAY (KPIX) - Angela Hernandez vanished without a trace somewhere along the Bay Area coast.

On Thursday, July 5, Hernandez texted her sister Isabel, saying that she'd made it to Half Moon Bay and planned to sleep in her car in the parking lot.

The next morning she sent another text. It would be the last time Isabel heard from her little sister.

"Just a simple text, 'I'm about to start driving' with a couple hearts she sent me," says Isabel. "And then I replied 'OK' with a heart back to her and that was the last that I had any contact with my sister."

When Angela failed to make it to Lancaster by early evening, Isabel was already on the phone with police.

"Right now we have Santa Cruz County Sheriff's office assisting with a search of her last known whereabouts," said Detective Rosemerry Blankswade, with the San mateo County Sheriff's Office.

"They were able to ping her last location was Davenport, California which is fifty five miles about south of Half Moon Bay, which means she took Highway 1," says Isabel.

Investigators, Isabel and her family are working on just a few clues including the last picture she sent her sister and the description of her car that's also missing.

"I just, I want everybody to help I need the authorities to help I need search and rescue I need something just to help us because there's so much area that she could be anywhere," says Isabel.

Isabel says her family had no idea Angela was moving back to California. They planned to surprise everyone when she arrived.

But she says they're not giving up hope, she'll come home.

"She is my best friend, you know, and I just feel like something is not right."

Angela's Jeep Patriot is white with the license plate number 436 KSQ,


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