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'Sassy' Burlesque Dance's Popularity Growing In Bay Area

KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- Burlesque dance is hot right now, and its growing popularity is creating fresh demand at studios across the Bay Area.

Dance studio owner Jessica Rae runs the Rae Agency in San Francisco, and said the style is all about revealing what's within.

"In Burlesque, it doesn't really matter what style body you are, it's all about the attitude, and the persona. You get to put on this alter ego, and alter character that you might have inside of you," Rae told KCBS.

During a lesson at the San Francisco studio, Rae showed off her alter ego in the process.

"You get the gloves on. Whatever you want to make you feel sassy," Rae said.

Dancer Natasha Kim offered a tip before the lesson.

"It's just having fun, and feeling sexy in your own skin," Kim said.

It takes four weeks of once-a-week lessons to learn an entire burlesque routine, which is then recorded onto video to be shared with someone special.

"They showcase to their husband, to their kids, and say, 'look, see, mom can do cool stuff, too,'" Kim said.

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