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Santa Rosa Man Displays Naked Mannequins After Being Forced To Lower Fence

SANTA ROSA (KPIX 5) -- A North Bay homeowner who was forced to cut down his new fence after complaints has decided to give his neighborhood quite a show in his front yard.

The peep show of naked mannequins in the front yard Santa Rosa resident Jason Windus's Peterson Lane home was set up in response to a city order to hack his brand-new fence in half.

"I think it's hysterical!" laughed Santa Rosas Valerie Palmer. "I think it's great."

"It's weird, 'cause they're naked!" said one kid who lives in the neighborhood.

Windus explained that he didn't expect to get so much attention.

"I wasn't planning on it being a big publicity stunt," he said with a laugh.

The unusual display stemmed from having to get rid of the six-feet tall fence he put around his property.

"I put this fence together for my dogs so that they had a place to run," said Windus. "As you see, I got a big dog. I got two of 'em, and they can just clear this fence no problem."

But someone complained that the corner lot fence was blocking sight lines at the nearby intersection, leading Windus to erect the strange mannequin garden party.

"You want me to cut my fence down? Now you get to see what's behind the fence," said Windus.

Windus even reserved a chair for the "nosy neighbor" who complained to the city.

Locals had a variety of reactions to the installation.

When asked if it made her feel uncomfortable, nine-year-old Natale Bacigalupi shrugged: "Uhh, I don't know."

Others found it amusing.

"I like his style," said neighbor Tracy Terrell. "In time of adversity, he chooses humor."

Windus runs a local moving company. The mannequins were left over from an old haul-away job.

"It was just a little joke," said Windus. "A lot of people would get very angry about having to cut their fence down. I throw a naked party in my yard!"

And when he was asked what the neighbors thought of the display?

"Not one negative response. Believe that?" said Windus.

"Maybe the city'll look at the ordinance again and change it," said Palmer. "Otherwise there might be a lot of these around."

The city of Santa Rosa released a statement saying fences on corner lots are limited to three feet in height so drivers at the stop sign can see oncoming cross traffic.

They told KPIX on Tuesday that they gave Windus two options: either reduce the fence height in its current location, or move it back 15 feet toward the home to allow for the required sight lines.

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