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Santa Rosa man arrested for unregistered firearms, drugs in home

SANTA ROSA  - A Santa Rosa man has been arrested for felony firearms possession and suspected drug dealing.

On Monday, at 9:56 pm, Santa Rosa Police Department officers were in the 2300-block of Carson Street, looking for an individual they believed had an active felony arrest warrant. Officers contacted Joshua Wagle outside of his residence and asked if he knew the subject they were looking for. 

Initially, Wagle simply told officers he did not know the wanted subject. As they walked away, he called out to them to say something else about the warrant. As Wagle was speaking with the officers again, a loaded, black handgun fell onto the ground out of his waistband. He was then detained and the weapon was secured. 

Police confirmed that Wagle had a prior felony conviction, and was prohibited from possessing firearms. The handgun did not have a serial number, nor was it registered. After Wagle was detained, officers conducted a search of Wagle's residence. Officers located a non-serialized Polymer 9mm handgun (ghost gun) and a non-serialized AR-15 rifle. Also found in the home was suspected methamphetamine, anabolic steroids, and suspected fentanyl.

Wagle, a 51-year-old Santa Rosa resident, was arrested and booked into the Sonoma County Jail for five felonies, including possession of an unregistered firearm and concealing a loaded weapon, and one misdemeanor for suspected possession of controlled substances for sale.

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