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Santa Rosa Considers Ban On Outdoor Cultivation Of Marijuana

SANTA ROSA (KPIX 5) -- California voters may have legalized recreational marijuana but some cities aren't buying in.

Several cities are passing bans before Proposition 64 can take effect.

Santa Rosa is voting on it Tuesday night.

Santa Rosa has been on the cutting edge of medical marijuana regulation, but with the passage of Prop 64 the entire landscape of cannabis has changed. They are looking to make changes Tuesday night, to make sure they do the right thing in the future.

In the ultimate irony, the passage of recreational marijuana in the state may mean more restrictions in Santa Rosa.

Prop 64 lit a fire under the city to figure out outside cultivation before growing season begins and new users plant their plots of pot.

David Guhin, with the City of Santa Rosa's Planning Department says, "There's been a lot of push back from communities in terms of smell, sight and security...the other thing that we've found with the passage of Prop 64, it adds the ability of anybody to grow up to six plants at their residence."

So, the City of Santa Rosa will vote Tuesday night on a 45-day emergency ordinance banning the outdoor cultivation of marijuana for any reason, including medical marijuana.

Jacob Zevon grows medical marijuana and said, "I was almost flabbergasted when I heard about that."

Zevon has a medical card and grows his own marijuana.

A ban would mean he couldn't continue to cultivate his crop. He says he'd be forced to buy from a commercial outlet, costing more and giving him pause.

"I can see what I'm putting into my medicine, I know what's going on with my plants when I water them. I may not know what a big corporation puts in their product," Zevon said.

If it passes, Zevon  would still be able to grow in a greenhouse or inside.

But the city says the sides are evenly split, ensuring the Tuesday night meeting will be full of fireworks.

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