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Santa Rosa Tries To Annex Neighboring Lands To Grow The City

SANTA ROSA (KPIX 5) -- Santa Rosa is trying to annex a chunk of land in unincorporated Roseland and other pockets of Sonoma County southwest of the city.

But it's running into resistance from the people who live there.

It's called Roseland and it's that green island in the middle of Santa Rosa. It - along with the four other islands - could soon become a part of the city.

Santa Rosa assistant city manager David Guhin said there's some confusion on shared services, such as roads, infrastructure, drainage, police, and the sheriff's office.

It would be the biggest annexation the city has even done, 713 acres with more 7,000 people.

The first part of the process begins next week but it's been in the works since 2013. The process has included community outreach - public meetings - and even a small ad campaign.

So far, the city says they've made headway because they've also made deals.

Food trucks will be allowed in Roseland, residents' farm animals will be grandfathered in and allowed, and one portion got its own rural designation.

But there's still some convincing to be done, says business owner Ignacio Alvarez.

Alvarez said his concern is over keeping the area nice and keeping its Hispanic culture intact.


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