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Legislature Sends 'Sanctuary State' Bill to Gov. Brown

SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) -- California has moved a big step closer toward becoming the nation's first "sanctuary state."

Early Saturday, state lawmakers sent Governor Brown a bill that would create a statewide sanctuary policy, and which would be the most far-reaching of its kind of the nation.

It will now be considered by the governor, who announced his support after the top state Senate leader agreed to water down the bill and preserve authority for jail and prison officials to cooperate with immigration officers in many cases.

The legislation is the latest effort by Democratic lawmakers in California to create barriers for President Donald Trump's campaign pledge to step up deportation efforts.

It prohibits law enforcement officials from asking about a person's immigration status or participating in immigration enforcement efforts.

It also prohibits law enforcement officials from being deputized as immigration agents or arresting people on civil immigration warrants.

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