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San Pablo Neighborhood Says Water Leak Yet To Be Fixed After 2 Years, Millions Of Gallons

SAN PABLO (KPIX 5) -- Residents of a San Pablo neighborhood said they have complained to water officials repeatedly about a water leak for more than two years, but it has remained unfixed.

"We got water pouring, they estimate it at four to 10 gallons per minute, pouring out of the road since 2012," said Christine Rose. Between four million and 10 million gallons could have leaked within that time frame.

Water has been leaking from the area near Bonita Avenue and Bayview Road for more than two years. The leak has been around for so long that it has developed its own ecosystem of algae.

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The East Bay Municipal Utility District did not say whether or not it was their water, but said they know the spot of the leak.

"There have been problems in the past. We know there was a main break a few months ago, and there was also a broken gate valve. Both of which were fixed right away," said Abby Figueroa of EBMUD.

Despite the repairs, water is still coming up. Neighbors said it is not a spring and that they have tested the water.

"It came back positive as this is treated water. It has fluoride in it, chlorine in it. All the same stuff East Bay MUD puts in their water," Rose said.

After more than two years, residents believe the leak is causing damage.

George Rose said the hollow sound under his sidewalk indicates a sink hole may be developing. He said the ground under his house is sinking and that he is not the only worried neighbor.

"They need to figure it out. I'm tired of driving around this sinkhole, because I live up this hill," said Ken Chainey, a neighbor and civil engineer.

No collapse has happened yet, but folks said they aren't taking chances. No one knows what is under the asphalt.

EBMUD said they are monitoring pipes in the area. "Cast iron pipes were put in before World War II and on this particular street, it is a cast iron pipe," Figueroa said.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District said every drop counts, especially during a drought. So they're going to send a third team out to investigate and get to the bottom of where that water is coming from.

Neighbors said the water has been around for so long, wildlife has been spotted drinking from the leak like it's a natural stream.

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