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San Mateo Police Officer Runs Over 2 Loose Pit Bulls After Dogs Attacked Several People

SAN MATEO (KCBS) -- San Mateo police say one of their officers was forced to run-down two large pit bull dogs with his patrol car Wednesday morning after the animals attacked three people and threatened at least four others.

The incident began around 9:30 a.m. on Woodside Way with calls to police saying the two large dogs were attacking and threatening people.

Witnesses say the dogs, weighing 50-70 pounds each.

One officer arrived, but the dogs turned on his patrol car and began scratching and biting at the driver's door. The dogs then attacked a landscaper who drove them off with his leaf-blower. Here's what was left of it after the exchange:

leaf blower
(San Mateo Police)

"They kept attacking him, attacking him, attacking him," said neighbor Sami Kaddoure. "They wanted to kill."

The dogs had escaped their owners yard and bit one woman before prowling several blocks.

The dogs moved toward San Mateo High School and threatened at least three other people. Each time the officer used his air horn to drive the animals off.


"These are vicious dogs," said police Sgt. Rick Decker. "I've never seen in my 16 years, two dogs...attack a patrol vehicle in the way that they did."

When they approached a school, an officer hit both dogs with his car, killing one.

"On actually was knocked down, regained its balance and retreated to its residence," said Decker.

That animal has been turned over to animal control and may be put down. The owner is cooperating with authorities.

One person who was attacked suffered bites to her leg and arm. The condition of others involved is not known.

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