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San Leandro residents take advantage of free professional photo headshots

San Leandro renews free headshot photo service
San Leandro renews free headshot photo service 03:02

For the third time this year, residents were able to sign up for a free headshot photo session provided by the city manager's office. The 48 timeslots filled up quickly, a sign of the ongoing need for professional pictures to use for work.

"I was interested in my social media profile being updated so when I saw the advertisement for the free headshots, professional headshots, I was like, 'In my city?' I'm there," said Njeri McGee-Tyner. "Sometimes for work, I do speaking engagements and they always say, 'Can you send a headshot?' and every time I send one, 'They go do you have a different one?' so I said I'm going to take a professional one and now I have one."

McGee-Tyner was one of the first to arrive on Tuesday morning at Root Park. She came prepared with two different blazers to help her get the best possible photo that she hoped to use for an update to her LinkedIn profile.

"Oh it's not easy to get one so I assume that it would be professional camera folks and they could, like he did, tell me the position and the lighting and show me what it looks like so that's better than yes the camera phone," she told KPIX.

Another person who showed up at the park was Mark Presto and his wife. Not only did he get a new professional photo but also a couple's picture as well.

"My headshot is about 10 years old and I thought it needed a refresh on LinkedIn and so I thought this was a good opportunity for me and my wife," Presto told KPIX. "He was able to sneak us a couple's photo like we're starting a law firm but we're not, just kidding, but yeah it worked out really well."

The city previously provided this opportunity to residents in January. Staff say depending on the demand, they may offer it up again.

"I love it, the camera took what is saw," McGee-Tyner said of her new headshot.

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