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San Jose State University Student Vice President Arrested For Domestic Violence

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- San Jose State University's vice president of Associated Students was photographed by The Spartan Daily minutes after he was arrested on campus for domestic violence against his girlfriend.

The incident happened at a hip hop show at the events center last Thursday night.

Witnesses say the couple had a verbal argument, then Joshua Romero restrained the young woman and pushed her against a wall.

Later, while still in jail, police say he violated an emergency restraining order by continuing to call her on his cellphone.

San Jose State University spokeswoman Pat Lopes Harris said, "San Jose State University takes this very seriously. There have been conversations through the weekend, and they are continuing today."

As of now, the university says Romero is still enrolled, but that could change.

"The student conduct process has a range of sanctions and they range from education, yes, to expulsion," Harris said.

Romero was elected vice president last year and if he does remain on campus, the university says associated students will have a say on whether he still can hold office. Students we talked to say the incident has highlighted the issue of intimate partner violence on college campuses.

Student Jahlaina Williams said, "I understand that people don't always do the right thing. But he's a grown man, consequences come. He should have known better. I don't think he should come back, honestly."

Almost one in four young women, and 14 percent of young men, will experience violence with their partners.

YWCA Silicon Valley CEO Tanis Crosby said, "It's so hard for victims to take that step to reach out to recognize that it's happening to them, it's wrong and it's not their fault."

And there's already help on campus. San Jose State University has partnered with the YWCA to provide advocacy and advice for victims, including a confidential chat service at

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