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San Jose State Spartans' Travel To Arizona Bowl In Violation Of COVID Quarantine Rules

SANTA CLARA (CBS SF) -- One of the toughest challenges for any college sports team is to put together an undefeated, championship season. That's what the San Jose State Spartans football team has done this season.

What makes it even more impressive is that Spartans head coach Brent Brennan and his players have done it in a season disrupted by COVID. They've had nationally televised games cancelled, been forced to flee San Jose and needed to travel all the way up to Humboldt County to even practice.

Now, the team could be facing fines and other penalties from Santa Clara County health officials because they plan to travel to Arizona to play in a New Year Eve day bowl game against Ball State.

The issue is the team returned back to the Bay Area after winning the Mountain West title last weekend in Las Vegas so the players could spent time with their families. Under the currently imposed 10-day travel quarantine put into place by Santa Clara health officials, the team now can't leave the county as planned on Sunday.

"Now is a critical moment to be staying at home to the greatest extent possible, to be extremely vigilant, to be avoiding travel," said Santa Clara County Counsel James Williams.

Meanwhile, the university released a statement saying they believed they were following all the guidelines.

"SJSU scheduled travel in an out of San Jose to allow student athletes and staff who live out of the county to leave immediately after arriving in the county. This follows county guidelines that allows individuals to pass through the county and not have to quarantine. Those staying in Santa Clara County will be quarantined at home."


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