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Fired San Jose man accused of stalking former co-workers; weapons, ammo seized

SAN JOSE -- A San Jose man is being charged with stalking and threatening a number of his former co-workers after being fired earlier this year, with his arrest yielding multiple weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

San Jose police said Bryan Velasquez, 43, was terminated from a local construction company in January and has been contacting employees on social media since then, including posting pictures of himself pointing guns and including threats using profanity. The messages often included details revealing his knowledge of the victims' homes and their daily patterns of behavior, police said.

Bryan Velasquez San Jose Police Department

On May 19, officers with the police department's covert surveillance and SWAT teams took Velasquez into custody without incident after obtaining an arrest warrant. Among the firearms seized were two AR-15-style assault rifles and materials to manufacture ghost guns, along with high-capacity magazines, and tactical body armor.

Guns, ammunition and tactical gear seized following the arrest of Bryan Velasquez San Jose Police Department

Velasquez was charged with felony stalking, and the department said it obtained a gun violence restraining order to seize all his firearms.

A court date was not announced.

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