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San Francisco To Evict City's Lone Outdoor Shooting Range

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) -- San Francisco's only outdoor shooting range is being evicted after 78 years on the southwestern shore of Lake Merced.

The Pacific Rod and Gun Club has being paying $4,700-a-month.

But the Public Utilities Commission said the sweetheart deal is over and attempts have failed to reach a modern lease deal. The city is also facing a $10 million tab to clean up lead waste from decades of spent ammo and clay ducks

The 400-member gun club was given an eviction notice on Friday.

A modern lease would require more liability insurance and compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

It would also give the city a 50-50 share when the club subleases its land. Officials said the gun club collected $50,000 for parking at the U.S. Open golf tournament in June and none of it went to the city.

Gun club lawyer James Arnold said he's optimistic a lease agreement can still be reached.



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