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San Francisco Supervisors To Fund Relief Efforts For Undocumented Children Crossing Border

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — San Francisco's city supervisors have long debated international issues in their chambers, even if they don't have any influence on the outcomes, but this time they are taking action themselves after voting to fund relief efforts for the surge of undocumented children from Central America crossing the border.

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously last week to fund relief efforts for the children—as many as 250 a month, according to some immigrant advocates—that are arriving in the country.

While there are, as of yet, no specifics to what exactly they'll pay for, it's likely efforts will be aimed at mental health services, housing and legal advice.

Supervisor David Campos, the sponsor of legislation, who crossed the border illegally into San Diego from Guatemala when he was 14 year old with his family, told the San Francisco Chronicle that they are taking a stand against the protesters who have met buses loaded with immigrant children with picket signs and shout to go home.

"It's important for San Francisco to have a say in this debate," he said. "It's a voice of reason and a voice of compassion."

Mayor Ed Lee, however, doesn't support the idea of creating a shelter specifically for them stating that there just isn't enough room. But he said he wants to figure out some kind of humanitarian relief.

While some critics see the vote as admirable, they may not think this is what the city should be doing given that its own residents are struggling with housing and medical care on their own. So far there has not been much resistance.

San Francisco has been a sanctuary for illegal immigrants for 25 years, protecting them as long as they don't break other laws.

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