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San Francisco State Student Enters 'Big Brother' House

SAN FRANCISCO (99.7NOW/CBS SF) - San Mateo resident,  Dominic Briones  is among the eight new contestants competing on the live summer reality hit 'Big Brother' on CBS 5.

"From the moment I met him I knew he was something special," said casting producer Cassie Rubino, who met Dominic back in April 2011 at the 'Big Brother' casting call in San Francisco. "He was charming, funny and had a smile on his face the entire time we talked. He stood out for all the right reasons, and I cannot wait to see how he does in the house!"

Dominic, 25,  a San Francisco State student is also a model from San Mateo and is majoring in biochemistry. He was born in Redwood City and is of Filipino-Italian decent.

His worst fear in the 'Big Brother' house is sharing a bathroom with 12 other individuals. Dominic admits to living at home with his parents his whole life, until now.

'Big Brother' is a real-time reality show that pits 14 strangers against each other for $500,000. Think 'Survivor' but in a house under 24-7 surveillance. The "houseguests" are cut off from any contact with the outside world, meaning no internet, TV, radio, phones, etc.

Dominic's gameplan for going into the house is to "just kind of be in the middle of the pack. Not get a target on me, stay away from the drama," according to his bio on JokersUpdates. "I'd say like two or three weeks in, once I start getting a feel for what alliance I want to make, I'll make a power move," he said.

The new 'Big Brother' season debuts on CBS 5. Learn more about Dominic in his Q&A session with the fans, on

Originally written by Justin Germono for our friends at 99.7 Now

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