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San Francisco State Students Hold Meeting Over Islamophobia Concerns

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Students at San Francisco State University on Monday called an emergency discussion on Islamophobia, though the talk was not planned as a result of President Donald Trump's most recent actions.

It stems from an incident that happened back in October, when a professor says she was the target of anti-Palestinian sentiment.

A poster hung around campus by the David Horowitz Freedom Center Back in October accused SFSU Ethnic Studies Associate Professor Rabab Abdulhadi of being a terrorist.

Monday's emergency discussion emerged when a group of students decided to raise the political de-sensitization to what Islamophobia is.

Professor Abdulhadi said that with the recent executive order on immigration, hatred against arabs and Muslims has escalated.

"It's coming from the highest echelons of government. It's coming from the president of the United States. He's basically telling people it's OK," said Abdulhadi. "What he has done, he's saying it's OK to target Arabs and Muslims, so we're always living in constant fear."

In regards to President Trump's most recent actions, SF State President Les Wong released a statement Monday morning.

"The deep sense of community and caring which we value here at SF State must not be diminished by the decisions of this president and his administration," the statement read. "I look forward with confidence that the talented individuals throughout this university will demonstrate to the public and ourselves how deeply we care about the immigrant roots of our country."

Students KPIX 5 spoke with said although they are fearful, they're encouraged by conversations that are happening lately.


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