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San Francisco Sells Second Most Expensive Beers In U.S., Study Says

In the Bay Area, prices are at a high for more than just housing.

According to a recent study by GoEuro (as first reported by the Wall Street Journal) San Francisco is second to only New York City in the price of beer.

The site collected brew price data in 75 cities around the world from supermarkets and chain hotel bar locations in each (Holiday Inn, Hilton, and Best Western), and then compared them to each other to create a Beer Price Index. As most American beers are 12 ounces, their prices were recalculated to better compare with the standard European size of 11.2 ounces.

While New York was the costliest city in the United States, averaging $5.20 per beer (meaning the average between $8.97 in bars and $1.44 in store), San Francisco took second, with an average beer price of $3.97 (or, $6.48 in bars and $1.46 in the store).

Worldwide, the most expensive locale was calculated to be Geneva with $6.32 average ($10.77 in bars and $1.87 in stores), followed by Hong Kong at $6.16, Tel Aviv at $5.79, and Oslo at $5.31. Internationally, New York was ranked fifth, and San Francisco was 21st.

Maybe unsurprisingly, the least expensive cities for beer were Kraków and Kiev, which tied with $1.66.


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