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San Francisco Sea Scouts crew receives national recognition from U.S. Navy

San Francisco Sea Scouts receive national recognition from U.S. Navy
San Francisco Sea Scouts receive national recognition from U.S. Navy 02:40

SAN FRANCISCO -- The teenage crew members of the Sea Scout Ship Viking ship of San Francisco are making a name for themselves, having recently received one of the highest honors in their program. 

Back in April, the Sea Scouts got the 2023-2024 BoatUS National Flagship award.

Amelie L'Etoile-Goga is a member of the all-female SSS Viking crew. She is flourishing as a respected leader on her team.

"I wouldn't be in Sea Scouts if I didn't love it. I wouldn't be in it for like five years if I didn't love it enough," said L'Etoile-Goga.

The Sea Scouts is a youth boating organization that is a part of Boy Scouts of America. The program is geared towards teenagers participating in nautical activities and developing leadership.

"Everything I have learned about being a leader has been through Sea Scouts and everything I have learned about being teacher has been through Sea Scouts," L'Etoile-Goga said.

The tight group is being recognized for their hard work, earning the 2022-2023 National Flagship award.

"It's all judged on a presentation put on by the youth. The youth put together a really wonderful video presentation about everything they have done in the last year," said Sea Scout volunteer Tamara Sokolov. "This group has doubled in size this last year and has done over 50 days in the water over the course of the year. They have really earned it."

Sea Scouts across the country compete for this award. L'Etoile-Goga said achieving this in her last year makes it more special.

"Winning that award has boosted everyone's confidence, especially coming out of not competing for a while," she said. "Also, it feels good to be recognized in that way and to know you have that kind of support and people see the hard work we are putting in."

Coming off of their national honors, the crew of the SSS Viking got to show what they are made of in the largest Sea Scout event in California.  

They competed in nearly 25 different events at the Ancient Mariner Regatta in Vallejo during this past Memorial Day weekend. Some of the events included sailing, rowing, and knot tying.

The SF Sea Scouts ended up placing in many events and won the highest class award. Members of the crew say the lessons they are learning on shore and sea will last them a lifetime.

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