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San Francisco Restaurant Workers Want To Make 25% Standard Tip Rate

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/99.7 Now) - It's a question many of us ask when we go out to a restaurant. "How much should I tip?" Whether your service is good or bad, some San Francisco restaurant workers want to implement a 25% standard tip onto your bill for you, according to an article in the Contra Costa Times.

Is this fair? Some in the food industry say "yes, it's about time." However, many "foodies" are not as happy with the idea. According to the Times, for the most part, people, on average tip between 15% - 20% and the restaurant worker actually has to claim 15% with the IRS.

Those opposed to the increase noted in the article that "the whole purpose of a tip is to reward service." They feel the new tip increase should be earned and if more is needed, then they must step up their service so that the increase justifies a larger tip amount.

Jeffrey Pollack, a spokesperson for the Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant Association, told CBS San Francisco that most restaurant owners "would not support mandatory tips" and certainly not 25%. He said such a move would be bad for business by discouraging locals from dining out and would harm tourism to the city as well.

Not everyone is against the idea though. Some consumers told the Mercury News that they feel with the state of the nation's economy is in, that 25% is not unreasonable, and some tip above the average already. Some people went a step further to say if you want to reward service, you must start tipping the workers at fast food places as well. Most fast food workers earn minimum wage and rarely get tips.

What are your thoughts?
Are you for the mandatory increase or against it?
Have you ever worked in the restaurant business?
Is this 25% tip mandate fair?

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Originally published by Mary Diaz at 99.7 Now

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