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Tech Entrepreneur's San Francisco Remodel Upsetting Neighbors

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Residents in a San Francisco neighborhood are fighting a tech billionaire over his plans to transform his house into what has been described as the ultimate bachelor pad.

For 11 years, Dave Cowfer has enjoyed sweeping views of the city from his backyard on Everson Street in Glen Park.

Three months ago, 2x4's went up to mark what will be a basketball court inside the home next door. But it's not just the basketball court, swimming pool, and sauna plans that bother him.

"This is a money is no object kind of project," Cowfer told KPIX 5. "And it's definitely going to have an impact on the neighborhood."

Tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Keith Rabois, lives down the street and purchased the property in November of 2015. Neighbors worry it will be used as a rec center and party spot.

Rabois didn't respond to KPIX 5's requests for an interview.

Nancy Shea and her husband have lived across the street from the home since 1964.

"He has big bucks, he thinks he can buy his way into whatever he wants. And I hope the city lets him know he can't," Shea said.

Shea plans to attend a public hearing on April 6th to tell Rabois he needs to change his plans.

According to the planning department, a resident who is remodeling their home must warn neighbors within a 150-foot radius before construction starts. In this case, everyone up on the hill had a warning, but neighbors down on Addison Street only found out when Cowfer started handing out flyers this weekend himself.

"I feel sorry for the people on both sides and the people down on Miguel who don't even know this is going on they're going to hear that noise," Shea said.

Shea doesn't know if her concerns as a neighbor can impact private construction, but she hopes the city takes it into consideration.

"I think it's a battle planning should look into more than us having to fight them all the time," she said.

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