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San Francisco Police Propose Measures To Curb Nightclub Violence

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS/AP) - Police proposals for curbing San Francisco nightlife violence include video surveillance, metal detectors and identification scanners that store driver's license information for two weeks.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported a draft of police recommendations shows camera images and identification information would be given to investigators requesting it.

The suggestions also include security staff registration with the state Department of Consumer Affairs and a club owner security plan that meets the police chief's approval.

Mayor Gavin Newsom asked for the Police Department recommendations because of a recent spate of nightlife violence, including the Aug. 8 shooting of a German tourist near her hotel in the theater district. Newsom spokesman Tony Winnicker notes the recommendations are preliminary.

The proposals are designed to "bring accountability to clubs so that guests take on some responsibility, the clubs take on some responsibility," said Inspector Dave Falzon.

 The new conditions are still a work in progress and will likely be honed down considerably before they go to the Entertainment Commission for action, said Winnicker.

"We're not trying to create a police state here. We're not trying to make every restaurant, bar and club in San Francisco like the airport. You know, that's not necessary," he said.

Falzon said the police department crafted its recommendations to make it easier to identify and arrest lawbreakers.

Winnicker said Mayor Newsom does not want the safety improvements to dampen the vitality of the city's night life.

"Arts, music and entertainment are a vibrant part of San Francisco. We need to preserve and nurture that. At the same time, we have to make sure that everybody's safe," he said.

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