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San Francisco Narcotics Officers Take Tenderloin Drug Battle To Streets Of Oakland

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- San Francisco narcotics officers, armed with search and arrest warrants, have been crossing the Bay Bridge for months, descending into the streets of Oakland in an intense effort to shutdown the pipeline of illegal drugs into the crime laden Tenderloin District.

So far, the scorecard has been pretty impressive. Dozens of alleged drug dealers have been arrested, kilos of illegal drugs seized along with illegal guns and stacks of cash.

The Tenderloin has been a trouble spot for more than a year. Last year, when former U.S. Attorney David Anderson announced arrests of gang members accused of fueling the pipeline, he called the Tenderloin "a wonderful neighborhood that is being smothered by lawlessness."

San Francisco police have not been staging news conferences to talk about the operation. Instead, the Investigations Unit has tweeted about the series of raids, arrests and seizures.

Here's a rundown of the postings over the last few months.

On May 4: Incredible work by SFPD Narcotics officers who continue to serve warrants on the homes of Tenderloin drug dealers in Oakland. Tonight drugs, ~$63,000.00 cash, firearm, 2 more dealers all in custody. More than 16 kilos, ~$164,000 cash seized in 230 arrests of TL dealers YTD.

On April 8: SFPD Narcotics executed search warrants at 3 locations in Oakland on known Tenderloin drug dealers yesterday. 8 were arrested for drug trafficking. Dangerous drugs, cash, and firearm seized. 7 of 8 dealers had priors for selling in the Tenderloin. All 8 booked in Alameda Co.

On April 6: 13 drug traffickers operating in the Tenderloin were booked at Santa Rita Jail over the last 3 weeks: These arrests are part of an ongoing SFPD Narcotics operation in which 7 search warrants were served in the East Bay. Total of 3+ kilos was seized in these search warrants.

On Mar 25: Over the last 4 days ongoing Narcotics Investigations in the Tenderloin led us to Oakland where we served search warrants at multiple locations. Dangerous drugs+cash seized. 6 dealers booked at Santa Rita jail. 97 oz (2.75 kilos) of fentanyl & $55,000 seized.

On Mar 22: Today an SFPD Narcotics Division Investigation led a team of Officers to Oakland where they executed a search warrant on Tenderloin drug dealers. Bulk and packaged cocaine & heroin was seized before it made it to our City. 3 dealers were arrested & booked into Santa Rita Jail.

Oakland hasn't been the only out of town location targeted by raids.

On Mar 16: The SFPD Narcotics Unit continues to conduct Investigations aimed at all levels of the drug trafficking network operating in the Tenderloin. Last week an investigation led officers to Southern California where they seized 38+ kilos of methamphetamine and arrested 2 traffickers.

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