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San Francisco Mayor Bans City Workers From Indiana Travel After Passage Of Religious Liberty Law

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is forbidding city employees from traveling to Indiana following Thursday's enactment of a 'religious liberty' law that opponents say could be used to discriminate against gays.

NCAA's Final Four Event Could Be Affected By Indiana 'Religious Liberty' Law

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Thursday signed into law a bill that allows businesses to objects challenge local laws that "substantially burden" the ability of people and companies to follow their religious beliefs.

For example, a wedding caterer or photographer could challenge any law compelling them to provide services for same-sex couples.

"We stand united as San Franciscans to condemn Indiana's new discriminatory law, and will work together to protect the civil rights of all Americans including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals," Lee said in a statement issued following the bill's sigining. "Effective immediately, I am directing City Departments under my authority to bar any publicly-funded City employee travel to the State of Indiana that is not absolutely essential to public health and safety. San Francisco taxpayers will not subsidize legally-sanctioned discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by the State of Indiana."

Lee followed Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff's announcement that he was canceling all programs that require travel to Indiana.

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