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San Francisco Job Growth Continues At A Rapid Clip

The San Francisco Bay Area added 7,000 jobs during June, according to a Beacon Economics report based on data released by the State Employment Development Department. The gains include 2,400 jobs in San Francisco, 1,900 in the South Bay and 1,400 in the East Bay. The June data shows the East Bay's jobless rate is now 4.7 percent, down from five percent in May. It marks the first time the unemployment rate has fallen under five percent since November 2007. Santa Clara County shows the strongest employment numbers in the state, posting a four percent unemployment rate, according to the data, down from 4.2% in May. The last time the county's jobless rate stood at four percent was in May 2001.

The strong June gains were noted by Beacon across several industries. In high-tech, Santa Clara county created 1,000 jobs, the East Bay added 700 and San Francisco and San Mateo counties combined for another 1,100. Santa Clara county also added 1,700 in private educational services, the East Bay added 1,100 construction jobs and San Francisco and San Mateo counties showed an additional 900 retail positions and 900 hotel and restaurant jobs.

Of course, jobs are about quality and not just quantity. The Bay Area continues to provide good salaries compared to positions in other regions of the country. For example, in the microcosm of sales jobs, Bay Area companies offer salaries well above median, according to a recent report by Glassdoor. The report highlights Bay Area-headquartered Cisco, Symantec and Salesforce among the 10 highest paying companies. Cisco's sales positions pay the most of the three, with median total pay, base pay and commission of $211,000, $93,000 and $100,000, respectively.

Glassdoor ranked San Jose and San Francisco as first and second out of 84 U.S. cities. The median total pay in each city was in the six figure range, factoring in base salary and commission. In addition to the high pay, the Bay Area offers plenty of openings, according to Glassdoor. San Jose has 1,500 sales job openings and San Francisco has nearly twice that number.

Residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greg is a patented inventor, technology enthusiast and intrepid journalist. He finds inspiration in diverse experiences, organizations, people and places -- from restaurants to politics, movies, music and, most of all, his daughter.

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