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San Francisco Home High In The Sky

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- When it's finished, 181 Fremont will be the tallest mixed-used building on the West Coast.

At more than 700 feet in the air, the full-floor penthouse will be the highest resident on the coast. It is also San Francisco's most expensive -- $42 million.

It is located 70 floors up, and offers 360 degree eye-popping views.

The master bedroom has two wings, there are 7 bathrooms, even a butler's pantry, all of it spread across nearly 7,000 square feet.

"I would venture to say it's either going to be a foreign buyer or it's going to be a tech executive or entrepreneur who wants this trophy-type of property - I mean this is a trophy property," said luxury real estate broker Justin Fichelson.

The Lumina had listed a penthouse for $49 million, back in 2015.

"We see a lot of new developments put a big price tag on the penthouse and often times it's just for publicity reasons, most people know it's never going to fetch the big price tag," said Fichelson. "With 181, I really think it's an exception, I think it will fetch the price tag because the quality is there."

The penthouse is just one of 55 residences on the top of the mixed-use building under construction, next to the new Salesforce Tower. The interiors are sourced from all over the world.

Developer Jay Paul Company is taking luxury to another level - but it is doing the same with safety.

He says the building is designed to withstand an 8.6 magnitude earthquake.

"We have drilled all the way to bedrock and we use bracing in an innovative way to tune the building which really means that it keeps it from wind resistance and seismic activity," said Senior Project Manager with Jay Paul Company Kelly DeWees.

The building won't move an inch, but it is changing the neighborhood.

"The new definition of the East Cut is what they're calling this area now and it has the Transbay Terminal and this amazing park that's similar to the High Line in New York, and it's going to be a place where people come together," she added.

The penthouse is expected to be move-in ready early next year.

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