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Caught On Camera: San Francisco Cyclist Ends Up On Windshield In Apparent Hit-And-Run

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Maxwell Wallace said he was just trying to bike to work Monday when he ended up face first on the roof of a stranger's Cadillac.

"I was frightened. I was in shock," Wallace told KPIX 5. "Very scared, I was holding on to the windshield. I was shaking."

According to the cyclist, he was on a bike path on Fulton heading to downtown San Francisco. When he got to the intersection of Divisadero and Fulton, he came across the driver. It was in the middle of that intersection where the cyclist said he was sideswiped.

"I yell, 'Stop!' I was pretty shocked that he didn't stop," Wallace recalled.

Wallace said after the sideswipe, he got in front of the Cadillac and tried to snap a photo of the license plate, but the driver hit the gas.

An eyewitness snapped a picture of the cyclist on the car.

San Francisco Cadillac Hit Run
An eyewitness snapped this photo of an apparent hit and run involving a bicyclist and Cadillac at the intersection of Divisadero and Fulton in San Francisco on September 28, 2015. (CBS)

"Didn't imagine that when you go after somebody hits you, to talk to them, get their information that they would try to run you over," he told KPIX 5.

Wallace said to avoid getting run over, he jumped on the roof and stayed there for about 100 feet, before the driver took off.

"I jumped, and because I jumped quickly, I'm alive. But if I hadn't, don't know where I'd be," Wallace said.

Maxwell says this is his first ever run-in with a vehicle, but tensions have been growing between motorists and bicyclists in San Francisco for several months now.

The witness who took the photo gave Maxwell a copy. He hopes police will use it to track down the driver.

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