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San Francisco's New Compacting Trash Cans Can't Compost Or Recycle

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- San Francisco is rolling out new "smart" trash cans, but they still don't address the need to recycle and compost. So how smart are they?

The automatic, solar-powered compactors can hold five times the amount of garbage compared to the trash bins currently on the streets. The wireless technology alerts the city in real-time when the bin is full. They also have an ash tray.

While residents say these new trash bins are a good start, some people say it could be better.

John Goldsmith lives in the Castro District and thinks the new trash cans could be better.

Goldsmith said, "I also wish they would incorporate a green philosophy. I do like the big belly concept, but it doesn't recycle and it doesn't compost."

San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell and city officials unveiled the new trash bins in the Castro District.

Farrell said, "I want to make sure to reaffirm my commitment to the residents of San Francisco that cleaning up our streets is going to be one of my biggest priorities."

San Francisco resident Karen MacInnes has lived in the Castro District for more than 50 years.

She's so fed up with the mess here, she tracked down city officials at a news conference to make sure they knew just how bad it is. She said the trash created by the homeless population is "a huge problem."

MacInnes said, "My place backs up to Market Street, to the open tunnel from Muni, and they just throw trash down there. It was lit on fire a couple of weeks ago and put out. And the trash is still there."

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