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San Francisco Carnaval shares culture, fun times with Bay Area families

Hundreds attend 2024 San Francisco Carnaval
Hundreds attend 2024 San Francisco Carnaval 02:44

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco came alive with the vibrant colors, sounds, and traditions of Carnaval 2024, marking a highly anticipated event for the city.

Riding through the streets of the Mission District on a lowrider, Pedro Ramirez, a passionate lowrider enthusiast, shared his joy and dedication to the tradition. 

"I love this. This is what really lowriding was really meant for. We love to cruise our cars. Nice and slow and let people enjoy them," said Ramirez, who has been part of the San Francisco Lowrider Council for two decades.

Ramirez reflected on the roots of lowriding, recalling the challenges faced in the past. 

"In 1974, we started Low Creations. As we're coming through the city, we had some issues with authorities as far as they didn't want us to go cruising," he explained. 

However, Sunday's atmosphere was different, with the crowd's excitement palpable as the lowriders bounced along the parade route. Hundreds gathered to celebrate Carnaval 2024, including the event's king and queen.

"It's a proud community. It's good to see this Carnaval in this country because it's a great time to be in family," said Jeison Jimenez, the King of Carnaval 2024.

The parade was filled with music, dancing, and a sense of unity. Participants like Jose showcased their dance moves, while families, including one from San Mateo, embraced the festive atmosphere. 

"It's great vibes, great energy today. A lot of people here having a good time with families," said one attendee.

For many, Carnaval is a chance to connect with their cultural roots and pass traditions on to the next generation. 

"The queen is from Peru, so I wore my Peruvian shirt today. And it's just great to be able to share this," said a member of the San Mateo family.

Children played a significant role in the festivities, proudly wearing traditional costumes.

 "This means that I get to have fun and spend time with my family," said one of the young participants.

Carnaval San Francisco remains a testament to the city's rich cultural tapestry, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate unity, heritage, and joy. 

"And that's what we're all about, lowriding is about cruising. Not about gang, not about bad people, and we try to do our best and help our community in events like today," Ramirez said.

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