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UPDATE: Brother Suspects In Sacramento Mass Shooting With Lengthy Criminal History; 3rd Suspect Arrested

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) -- A 27-year-old Sacramento man, currently being treated for severe wounds suffered in Sunday's mass shooting, has been detained as a suspect and remains under police guard in his hospital room, authorities announced Tuesday.

Investigators said Smiley Martin is the brother of Dandrae Martin, who was arrested as a suspect on Monday.

"Smiley Martin was located at the scene with serious injuries from gunfire and was transported to an area hospital for treatment," police said in a news release. "Smiley Martin was quickly identified as a person of interest and has remained under the supervision of an officer at the hospital while his treatment continues. Based on information developed during this investigation, Smiley Martin was taken into custody by Sacramento Police Department detectives on April 5."

Dandrae Martin Smiley Martin
(L-R) Dandrae Martin, Smiley Martin (Arizona DCRR/CDCR)

Once Smiley Martin's medical care has been completed and he was determined to be fit for incarceration, authorities said, he will be booked at the Sacramento County Main Jail for possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and possession of a machine gun.

A law enforcement official told The Associated Press that Smiley Martin -- who had been given an early release from state prison over the objections of the Sacramento County DA -- posted a live Facebook video of himself brandishing a handgun hours before gunfire erupted.

Authorities were trying to determine whether the weapon seen in the video was used in the shooting.

His brother was arrested and booked for assault and illegal firearm possession charges after SWAT teams and detectives served search warrants at three area residences, recovering at least one handgun.

Meanwhile, a third suspect was arrested who investigators say was holding a gun in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Sacramento police said Tuesday afternoon that 31-year-old Daviyonne Dawson was arrested late Monday.

Detectives have also recovered a handgun. Dawson was booked on charges of being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. He was not charged with crimes directly related to the shootings, police said.

Based on the type of firearm recovered, detectives do not believe that this gun was used in the shooting. Detectives were working to identify additional suspects, police said.

The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office will be reviewing related evidence in the investigation to determine appropriate charges for the shooting suspects.

Earlier Monday, the Sacramento County Coroner's office identified the six victims who were killed in the shooting: De'vazia Turner, 29; Johntaya Alexander, 21; Melinda Davis, 57; Sergio Harris, 38; Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32; and Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21.

On Tuesday, the Sacramento community continued to process their deaths and heal.

Whether with candles, teddy bears, or bouquets of flowers, person after person stopped by the corner of 10th and K St. in Sacramento to pay their respects to the victims.

"I'm sorry, I'm emotional. It's just tragic," said Steve Zawilla, who lives in Davis.

Waymond Priest didn't know any of the victims, but he told KPIX 5 his heart hurts for his community, and brought flowers to the memorial site during his lunch break.

"I'm showing my respects. As a human being with a heart," Priest said. "I don't know what to say. I'm just speechless right now. It could have been one of my family members. Anybody."

Mazie Barnes didn't know any of the victims, either.

"I have a family member who was actually here who escaped. I was just glad she got away. I pray for the rest of the people," she said. "I just wanted to pay my respects to the people who got killed in a senseless murder. I'm praying for their families – and I pray for them."

Barnes feels lucky her loved one made it home, and saddened that other families weren't as fortunate.

"It could have been one of mine. I have kids and grandkids, brothers, sisters, and loved ones," she said. "We're here for you guys. We're going to pull together. Hopefully police get all the answers they need, and they get the people who did this. It's senseless."

When Aubrey Hammond stopped by the memorial, she took a moment to pause and reflect.

"It just left me speechless and tearful," she said. "This is something that could happen anywhere. We all need to stop the craziness, stop the division, open up our hearts, and just embrace one another and welcome each other."

Family members of the victims visited the crime scene on Monday.

Hoye-Lucchesi's mother said she found out about his death on social media.

"It broke my heart, I was saddened, I was hurt. That's my baby. My only baby. I can't replace him. He's irreplaceable. There is no more," Sherilyn Hoye said.

De'vazia Turner's mother couldn't hold back her tears.

"You're taking lives away from families and their children," said Penelope Scott.

Jackie Henderson stared in silence in front of the lit candles. His cousin Sergio Harris is no longer a part of his life.

"That's my family. My flesh and blood," Henderson said. "He was a good cousin and family man. That's how he will be remembered. That's who he was, and that's how he'll remain."

Harris was a father of three, whose own father remained behind police tape for nearly the entire day on Sunday, hoping to see his son.

"Whole bunch of shock. The shock doesn't go away overnight," said Mr. Harris.

Sacramento police on Sunday said they were searching for at least two people who opened fire around 2 a.m. at the edge of the city's downtown entertainment district.

The usual crowds filled the streets as bars and nightclubs were closing when the sound of rapid-fire gunshots sent people running in terror.

Police Chief Kathy Lester revealed few details from the investigation and pleaded with the public to share videos and other evidence that could lead to the killers.

"The scale of violence that just happened in our city is unprecedented during my 27 years here," Lester told reporters during a news conference at police headquarters. "We are shocked and heartbroken by this tragedy. But we are also resolved as an agency to find those responsible and to secure justice for the victims and the families."

The gunfire erupted just after a fight broke out on a street lined with an upscale hotel, nightclubs and bars, but police said they did not know if the altercation was connected to the shooting. Video from witnesses posted on social media showed rapid gunfire for at least 45 seconds as people screamed and ran for cover.

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