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Alert Cop Rescues 16-Year-Old From Prostitution, Uncovers Sex Business After Routine Traffic Stop In Marin

SAN RAFAEL (KCBS) It's the usual story of Internet-fueled exploitation, a greedy adult, a naive teen and a cheap hotel.

It unraveled Monday when a San Rafael police officer made a traffic stop for an unsafe turn and found pot and an unlicensed driver inside, 20-year-old Destiny Delaney Beasley, of Brentwood.

"During the search we found identification cards and a one-way plane ticket from Seattle to Sacramento, with the name of a different person," said Lt. Dan Fink of the San Rafael Police Department.

A student ID card belonged to a 16-year-old girl. Police connected the dots and got Beaseley to take them to the teen. She was holed up in a hotel in nearby Terra Linda, turning tricks.

"Men using the website Back Page paid for sex with the runaway," said Fink.

After the teen told her story to police and showed them the Internet site, several organizations pitched in to help her.

"We purchased her a plane ticket back to Seattle," said Fink. The teen will reunite with her mom on Christmas Eve.

As for the female pimp, Beasley is behind bars in San Rafael. Her bail was posted at $50,000.

Beasley faces a rash of felony charges, including pimping, pandering, child trafficking and abducting a child for purposes of prostitution. Police are now scouring the website Back Page for the men who responded to the sex ad.

Since the victim is a minor, the johns who were actually with her could be facing charges.

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