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Ro Khanna Concedes To Rep. Mike Honda After Lengthy South Bay House Race And Battle

FREMONT (KCBS)— Ro Khanna has officially conceded in the race for Assembly against his opponent Rep. Mike Honda for the seat in the 17th Congressional District.

Khanna finished speaking to reporters in Fremont Friday evening and said he had just called Congressman Honda to congratulate him on his victory after a hard fought campaign.

"I wished him well as he returns to Washington for another term," Khanna said. "At a time when it is easy to be cynical about politics, I am inspired by the passion that both campaigns have shown in this unique district."

Khanna also thanked his supporters for their efforts.

Earlier in the day, seven-term South Bay Representative Mike Honda declared victory, citing what he called an "insurmountable lead" saying he's looking forward to another term.

"I have a message for those right-wing millionaires and billionaires. You cannot buy grassroots. You could not buy it this year and you cannot buy it next year," Honda said.

Khanna's decision came as absentee ballots were still being counted.

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