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Rivers To Rise Up To 32 Feet By Friday, Some Hitting Flood Stage Thursday Afternoon

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- At least four local rivers including the Napa, Russian, Navarro and Sacramento Rivers are forecast to peak above flood stage late Thursday or early Friday, adding up to 32 feet of water to their nearly dry banks as torrential rain reaches the watershed, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration charts.

Some rivers may reach flood stage as early as Thursday afternoon, according to NOAA.



The Russian River at Guerneville is forecast to rise from its current height of 6 feet above sea level clear up to 37.9 feet above sea level, a change of nearly 32 feet in just 24 hours. At the real-time river gauges, the NOAA data lists current river levels, and forecast stages.


The following guidance is provided by NOAA if the river does rise as predicted.
It is due to crest at nearly 38 feet, meaning the ALL of these conditions are likely to occur.

32.0 Feet Minor flooding is forecast along the lower Russian River. Lower Mill Street in Guerneville and Old Bohemian Highway in Monte Rio are expected to flood.
33.0 Feet Moderate flooding is forecast to occur with the lowest sections of Guerneville and Monte Rio expected to flood. The south end of the Guerneville bridge is expected to be inundated. Mirabel Trailer Park and Resort are forecast to begin flooding.
35.0 Feet Moderate flooding is forecast along the lower Russian River. Numerous businesses and residences in the lowest sections of towns within the reach are expected to flood. Mill, lower 4th and 5th Street in Guerneville are forecast to flood. Redwood Drive in Northwood is forecast to flood.
37.0 Feet Significant flooding can be expected throughout the lower portions of the Russian River. Mirable Park will be flooded. Mirabel Road is expected to flood at River Road. Rio Nido village is forecast to begin flooding. River Road east of Guerneville and River Boulevard east of Monte Rio are expected to flood.
38.0 Feet Significant flooding is expected to occur throughout the lower portions of the Russian River. Freezout Road between Monte Rio and Duncan's Mills will be inundated. Highway 116 is expected to become flooded below the Cazadero Road intersection.

The Napa River at Saint Helena should flood Thursday afternoon, according to NOAA. It is due to 17 feet, peaking just below 19 feet by late evening.  At 19 feet or if more rain falls, 20 feet, NOAA predictions are as follows:

19.0 Feet Major flooding throughout the upper Napa Valley with most roads inundated making travel extremely difficult. Moderate to severe damage to all towns along the reach.
20.0 Feet Disastrous flooding across upper Napa Valley with travel essentially impossible. Extreme damage to all towns along the reach.

Other river flooding should mainly affect rural roads and farmland, depending on how much rain actually falls.

Check the real-time conditions often in these treacherous areas to protect life and property.



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