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Rihanna's Cheering For LeBron Made Warriors Owner So Mad He Had To Move Seats During Game 1 Of NBA Finals

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- Rihanna's cheered for LeBron James during Game 1 of the NBA Finals Thursday while she sat in upgraded seats from Joe Lacob, and it made the Golden State Warriors owner so upset that he moved a few seats away from the pop star.

Lacob revealed in a video posted to YouTube that Rihanna had bought a courtside seat to the game, but it wasn't very close to center court.

"She bought seats, down, down, paid a lot of money for them.  And, she can root for whoever she wants, right?" Lacob said.

Lacob explains that he upgraded Rihanna's seats to be nice, "I took my two kids, who like to go to a lot of games and I booted them down to the end of the court, and seated her next to me.  Seat her next to the owner, it's a nice thing to do," Lacob said.

Chat Sports' James Yoder asks Warriors Owner Joe Lacob To Explain Why He Moved Away From Rihanna by Chat Sports on YouTube

But, Rihanna's rooting was enough to distract Lacob.

"She was rooting for LeBron the whole game, and finally I got irritated and I said (whispering), 'I am the owner of the Warriors,'" Lacob said, adding "Finally, I just said, 'that's it,' and I moved a few seats away."

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