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Richmond Police 'Outing' Johns On Social Media To Fight Prostitution

RICHMOND (KCBS)— Prostitution has been an ongoing problem in Richmond especially along high-traffic areas like 23rd Street, but police are now turning to social media to discourage those who pay for sex.

Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said Tuesday was the first time the police department posted pictures of busted Johns on social media.

Jim Chiaroni owns an auto body shop on 23rd and said he often sees prostitutes walking the street and that some even come into his shop.

"Some of them probably sell drugs, carry weapons; all of these things can be put together. The only way to stop it is to get the Richmond City Council and mayor interested," he said.

Richmond Police 'Outing' Johns On Social Media To Fight Prostitution

Abetkov said she thinks that this strategy has the potential to take off and will catch people's attention.

"Be prepared to be put on notice, publically. We all know that once you put something on social media, it spreads and people pay attention," she said.

The department also plans to send 'Dear John' letters to the addresses associated with cars seen in high prostitution areas.

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