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Retracing The Gilroy Garlic Festival Gunman's Final Steps

GILROY (KPIX 5) -- FBI investigators listed the arsenal the Gilroy Garlic Festival gunman had with him the day of the shooting during a news conference on Tuesday: a 75-round drum magazine, two 40-round magazines and a 40-round magazine that was found near his body.

"He was wearing a bullet resistant type vest," said Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee. "The suspect fired approximately 39 rounds during the course of this event."

Smithee said that the three victims who died, Stephen Romero, Keyla Salazar and Trevor Irby, were shot by 19-year-old Santino William Legan. Legan did not die from the 18 shots that were fired by Gilroy police who came face to face with him.

Legan parked his car in a neighborhood near the Uvas Creek Trail, where KPIX 5 retraced his final steps before the shooting. He most likely crossed into the woods and walked along the Uvas Creek where he would go unnoticed by festival goers and anyone one the trail.

Uvas Creek Gilroy Gunman
The gunman likely crossed the creek here to enter the festival (CBS)

Besides the paved path, there are two dirt trails further into the wooded area. The creek is shallow at some point, enough for someone to easily walk across it and go the last quarter of a mile to get to the fence where Legan cut a hole to access the festival property.

Investigators said Tuesday that the bag Legan dropped in the creek held more ammunition, two 40-round magazines, a rifle scope, a flashlight and a shovel.

Police said they didn't have the manpower to show KPIX exactly what trail they believe the gunman used, but a dirt trail was marked heavily by orange arrows and flags to mark that officers had been there.

The trail is off the beaten path and not heavily trafficked.

FBI investigators said during the news conference they'd completed combining Christmas Hill Park for evidence, and returned the scene back to the city. But Gilroy police said it will take a few more weeks to rehabilitate and restore the park, and will be closed for several more weeks.

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