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Residents Say Sex, Drugs, Fitness Groups Overrunning South Bay Neighborhood

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- Homeowners in the South Bay say a set of stairs attracting fitness groups, drugs, teenage sex, and loud music are changing their neighborhood for the worse.

The stairs at Communication Hill are a great workout. Fitness trainer Cyrus Thomas often brings his clients there for the natural cardiovascular workout and the great views from the top.

But, the stairs may be a victim of their own success after going viral as one of the best free workouts in the South Bay.

"Ever since then, it's been a mob scene up here," Thomas said.

Resident Patti Namm has lived in the neighborhood for 11-years, and says the crowds including entire fitness classes bring litter and noise.

"It's just that this neighborhood was very private, very quiet. That's why we moved here, and it's not like that at all anymore."

After the sun goes down, neighbors say drug use and sex in public enter the mix.

"We see drug paraphernalia on the ground, kids, groups of kids in cars. I'm sure they're doing whatever you do in a car when you're looking to be discreet," another neighbor said.

Resident Zora Kabic says she has even seen couples having sex on the steps.

"You could tell what they were doing.  Making noises.  Having sex," she told SanJoseInside.

Even some of the runners admit the crowds have gotten out of hand.

"It does suck. They are paying a lot for their house. I'm sure this is not what they signed up for," Cookie Mendez said.

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