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Residents Asked Not To Feed Wild Turkeys Roaming Albany Streets

ALBANY (KPIX 5) -- A group of nearly a dozen wild turkeys roaming the streets of Albany have become the toast of the quiet East Bay town.

Frequently blocking traffic as they walk across busy streets showing little fear or cars or concern for their own safety, the turkeys have earned a sort of celebrity status around Albany.

People regularly stop to take photos of the birds and the turkeys appear to stop and pose.

Ken Paglia with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to remind residents that even though these turkeys appear tame, they are still wild animals.

"They can be gorgeous animals," said Paglia, acknowledging that the turkeys even have their own Facebook page.

The page has been up for a couple years now, tracking sightings and other Albany turkey news.

Authorities also caution people that they should not feed the turkeys. But one Albany resident who gave her name as Poonam is ignoring that instruction. She loves the turkeys.

"I love birds! I have seven canaries, two cats and now, nine babies," Poonam said, turning to the turkeys.

She feeds them every day at 2:30 p.m. outside a Shell gas station. The turkeys always show up and the show begins.

Rachael Kaiser was getting gas and watching turkeys Tuesday.

"They just don't budge! They live here. They're the boss and all of us humans sorta have to navigate around them," said Kaiser.

So far the turkeys haven't been aggressive to people. It is possible they have remained calm given their easy ride in the East Bay town, getting free meals and enjoying their celebrity status.

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