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Remember The Five "Ps" Of Wildfire Evacuations

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Wildfires have become a way of life in California as the rains have become less frequent and the temperatures have grown hotter. You may find yourself needing to evacuate at moment's notice.

Here are the 5 "Ps" FEMA says you need ready to quickly gather up when ordered by the local authorities to get out.

  • People -- Be ready to flee with yourself and your family, and if safely possible, with pets and other animals.
  • Prescriptions -- Have them bagged and ready to go including medicines; medical equipment; batteries or power cords; eyeglasses; and hearing aids
  • Papers -- Important documents (hard copies and/or electronic copies saved on external hard drives or portable thumb drives
  • Personal needs -- Such as clothes, food, water, first aid kit, cash, phones, and chargers and items for people with disabilities and others with access and/or functional needs, such as older adults, children, and those with Limited English Proficiency.
  • Priceless items -- including pictures, irreplaceable mementos, and other valuables

FEMA officials said there is another very important "P" to remember -- Protect your property.

Take steps long before the fire to reduce the sources of fuel in and around your home or business and use fire-resistant construction materials when possible. The National Fire Protection Association recommends a defensible space of up to 200 feet from a structure.


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