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Recent Rains Bolster Hopes That Marin Could Ease Drought Restrictions

MILL VALLEY (CBS SF) -- As people hiked along the Cascade Creek in Mill Valley on Thursday, many were thrilled to see water rushing alongside them.

"It's happy. It's effervescent," said Warren Farrell, who lives in Mill Valley.

"It's not so much even what goes through my head - it's what goes through my heart and my spirit," said Peter Klaphaak, who lives in Mill Valley.

Christine Mason soaked it all in as she took her stroll.

"It feels like a big relief. We've been threatened with so much fire, we've been threatened with so much drought. This feels like a little bit of grace in the moment," she said.

The recent rains are making a difference against the drought.

The last few days of ran gave a 12% boost to the seven reservoirs Marin Water relies on, according to spokesperson Adriane Mertens. The reservoirs are now at 70% of their total capacity.

"These storage levels could continue to creep up some more," she said.

Marin Water has imposed some of the Bay Area's toughest drought-related water restrictions for its 191,000 customers. There are water overuse penalties in place, and outdoor irrigation is not allowed through next May.

KPIX 5 asked Mertens if the recent rain will impact the current restrictions.

"It's too soon to make that call. We want to be sure that this isn't it for the wet weather," Mertens said.

Farrell doesn't take the water for granted.

"I can just feel the difference in my energy," he said.

However, he would like to see the restrictions start to ease.

"I'd like to see a gradual pullback - even at the same time that we really plan for the future," he said.

Klaphaak says while we can enjoy the moment, we must think long-term.

"We're good now with water, but I have concerns with how it will be with the future," he said.

Mason is confident her neighbors will continue to do their part to conserve.

"It's very easy to confuse a momentary blip of abundance with an ongoing condition," she said.

Marin Water plans to discuss the restrictions at their Board of Directors meeting in January.

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