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Recall effort against Alameda DA Pamela Price secures enough valid signatures for election

PIX Now Morning Edition 4-15-2024
PIX Now Morning Edition 4-15-2024 10:12

There are enough valid signatures to call for a recall election of Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, the county registrar of voters said Monday. 

On March 4, the Alameda Registrar of Voters received 123,374 signatures supporting the petition to recall Price.  

According to the registrar, each signature has been examined and the number of valid signatures was found to be sufficient to call for a recall election. The office said that nearly 50,000 signatures were disqualified, but the required amount of valid signatures has been met. 

The registrar will certify its results with the Alameda County Board of Supervisors at the next regular meeting for which an item may be placed on the agenda, which is currently scheduled for April 30.   

The proponents needed a minimum of 73,195 valid signatures. The number of valid signatures on the petition is 74,757. The total number of signatures disqualified was 48,617. 

District Attorney Price and Save Alameda For Everyone (SAFE), the group working to recall Price, did not immediately release a statement about the recall announcement. 

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