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Tenant Of Rat-Infested Sacto Apartment Catches Rodents On Video To Get Out Of Her Lease

NATOMAS (KPIX 5) -- Rats!

A Sacramento-area apartment infested with rodents set off an ugly landlord-tenant showdown. Neither side would budge until a video camera caught the critters creeping around.

Raneeeta Singh said there were disgusting droppings everywhere she looked.

"Poop in my room, my kitchen, my bathroom, my hallways and here on the sofa." Singh said it's been miserable ever since the rats moved into her Natomas apartment last December.

"We have to cover the sofa because we have rats crawling on our sofa every night. We have urine on our sofa and we have urine on our counters. I have to bleach every single thing in the morning."

Singh said when the landlord wouldn't let her out of her lease, she set up a surveillance camera to capture evidence of the rodents.

Rat droppings.

This week she got video of what appears to be a rat scouting the counter.

"We're ready to get out and it's been very painful -- we've been very sick." Illness has left Singh with a raspy voice.

A rat (circled in red) was caught on video as it scurried among Singh's appliances.

She said even exterminators failed to fix the problem so she took the video and showed it to the landlord. They finally agreed to let her out of the lease, if she would sign a document forbidding her from talking about the rats.

She refused.

"I want whoever moves into this complex the next time to know there are rat issues," said Singh.

Proof: Rat Caught On Camera

Finally, after months of living with rats, Singh and her human roommates are packing up and moving out.

Her landlord refused to talk about the video or the allegation he demanded Singh remain silent. He said any comment would have to come from his corporate office.


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