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Raiders Owner Al Davis Died From Bad Heart

OAKLAND (TMZ) -- Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis died from a bad heart, according to his Alameda County death certificate which was obtained Friday by the celebrity news website TMZ.

The document revealed three primary causes of Davis' death:

A) Ventricular fibrillation -- a dangerously abnormal heart rhythm
B) Congestive heart failure
C) Cardiomyopathy -- heart muscle disease

According to the death certificate, Davis died at the Oakland Airport Hilton at 2:45 a.m. on Oct. 8.

The document showed Davis had been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy years ago, and suffered a ventricular fibrillation just 15 minutes before his death. Davis also suffered from Merkel cell carcinoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer.

According to the document, Davis -- who was involved with the NFL for 60 years -- underwent throat surgery just three days before his death. Davis also had heart surgery in 1996.

He was 82 at the time of his death.

>> Download The Complete Death Certificate (.pdf)

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