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Raccoon Invasion Worse Than Usual In North Bay Neighborhood

MILL VALLEY (CBS SF) -- Neighbors in a North Bay area considered 'Raccoon Central' by some say this year's raccoon invasion is worse than usual.

Mill Valley's Cascade Drive area offers the critters plenty of habitat to hide during the day, and lots of humans to mooch from during the cloak of night.

"They dig all over the yard, dump garbage cans all over the place," Mill Valley resident Courtney McKlveen said.

Wild Care in San Rafael has been getting dozens of calls about raccoons, which have to be returned where they are captured – not relocated.

"Over 80-percent of relocated animals of all species, but raccoons in particular die within the first two or three months of their relocation," Wild Care Communications Manager Alison Hermance said.

According to wildlife experts, not much can be done to curb the raccoon population.

"There is no way you're going to make a dent in the raccoon population by trapping and relocating, or trapping and killing," Hermice said.

But, ammonia or white vinegar can be used as raccoon deterrent.

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