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Purchaser of $1.6M winning lottery ticket in Sacramento faces deadline

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Time is running out for the person who purchased a $1.6 million winning lottery ticket in Sacramento.

According to Sacramento affiliate CBS13, the Powerball ticket was bought last November at Lichine's Liquor & Deli on South Land Park Drive.

Powerball winners who match five numbers have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their prize.

Just in case you've had time to dig through your drawers to find a ticket you bought way back in November, here are the winning numbers: 8-32-55-64 and 66.

The winner has until Thursday to come forward and claim the prize.

Many people wondering why the ticket hasn't been turned in yet.

"It's just weird because I would have been in already and got my money," one person said.

"I think people should pay attention. If they bought a ticket, they want to win the money," another person said.

If the prize is not claimed, the money will go to public schools in California.

It's not the first time no one's turned in a winning ticket. Just last month, the deadline passed to claim a winning Powerball prize purchased in Riverside County.

"It was a little over $2 million," said Carolyn Becker, a spokesperson for the California State Lottery.

And what's the biggest unclaimed lottery ticket in state history?

"Back in August of 2015, we had a jackpot worth over $60 million," Becker said.

Since the lottery began in 1985, more than $1 billion in winning prize money has been given to schools because it was never claimed.

Now, there is another cash prize cliffhanger with a million-dollar deadline about to close.


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