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Protesters Denounce Trump's CNN Tweet On Walls Of Twitter Headquarters

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Protesters expressed strong disapproval for President Trump's anti-CNN tweet on the walls of Twitter headquarters in San Francisco Sunday night.

The protesters projected phrases such as "Trump is fake news," "propaganda," "unfit president," "impeach Trump," and "honor your policies," in large bold letters on the walls of the building.

Trump Twitter Protest 2

The action was a collaboration of and ResistanceSF.

"We are here in protest against Donald's tweet this morning that implied violence against CNN ... today Donald Trump gave professional wrestling a bad name," said a video posted on Facebook.

Trump Twitter Protest 3

Early Sunday, the president retweeted a video showing him wrestling a man with a CNN logo superimposed on his head to the ground. According to the BBC, the video was originally posted on a Reddit account "with a history of posting racial slurs and calls for violence against Muslims."

The group issued a statement saying, "This is a fascist tactic that must be condemned. At the same time, we wish to reinforce the idea that Donald may have tweeted it as a distraction for his unhealth (sic) bill this week, Trumpcare, which must be defeated, along with his meeting with Putin, which must be scrutinized. The USA deserves an independent investigation of Russia's corruption of our election."

The demonstrators posted a video on their Facebook page.

According to the BBC, the creator of the video claims he is a 37-year-old from Tennessee, and has posted "a huge number of messages with anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, and anti-black slurs, including posts encouraging violence."

He posted his anti-CNN video on a subreddit thread called r/The_Donald which has more than 440,000 subscribers and has been associated with the alt-right and white nationalists. It is not clear if President Trump is a subscriber, or how he found the original Tweet.

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