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Prop 37 Food-Labeling Initiative At A Glance

(CBS SF) What Proposition 37 would do:

Requires most genetically engineered processed foods and produce sold in supermarkets and other retailers to be labeled as such. GMO foods also will be prohibited from using the phrase "natural" on their labels. Meat, dairy, alcohol and restaurant foods are exempt.

Support: Consumer groups and the organic food industry say the measure gives shoppers more information about what they're eating
and allows them to decide whether they want to buy food made with genetically modified ingredients.

Oppose: Agribusiness, food producers, pesticide companies and retailers say grocery bills would increase if the initiative succeeds. They also say it could lead to frivolous lawsuits against
grocery stores, which would have to ensure proper labeling under the initiative.

Campaign donations: Backers of the measure have raised about $4.1 million, mostly from alternative health practitioner Joseph Mercola. Opponents have raised about $34.5 million, largely from Monsanto Co.

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